28 December 2007

What world is this?

My latest endeavor is making a sour cream cake that is to be sliced in half length-wise and filled with lime curd I made earlier in the week. Then I will frost the whole shebang with cream cheese frosting. Because when I'm not reading adoption blogs or LOLCATS or Freakonomics, I'm usually reading food blogs.

And now I'm covering the cake with foil because my parents are pinko Commie fucks who DON'T OWN A 9X9" CAKE PAN.

Anyhow, last night I had dinner with Mary. It was pretty good. I finally met her husband, and he's...different. He made a comment about black people that basically implied that he thought they were like cats or something and if you didn't provoke them, they wouldn't attack you. I don't think that the statement was inherently or intentionally racist, it just speaks to where he comes from. Which is clearly not where I came from. Not even remotely.

I hung out until about 10.30, but decided I should go because I was sleepy and the wine I had at dinner didn't help anything. When I was walking to my car, they stood on the stoop yelling, "Drive carefully! Be safe!" and I caught myself just before turning back and pointedly saying, "Thanks mom and dad."

Quis hic locus, quae regio, quae mundi plaga?


Suz said...

Ah, but what you leave out, dear one, is the tone of voice you would have used when you yelled that back...would it have been cutting and laced with adoption venom? would it have been sarcastic and light? would it have been natural and encumbered.

words often mean nothing when you dont know the tone or or intent that might be used with them or behind them.

your cake sounds yummy.

and you make me rather hopeful that at this time i dont have an "other" to worry about should M and I ever meet. waaaaaaaaaaaay too much emotional noise for me.

Still Born said...

would have been the tone i would use for any mom and dad.