25 November 2007

NoIsNaAdBeMo 25

I did not write yesterday because I stayed at Mary's until just before 2. We didn't really do much other than talk and order pizza and drink Caiprinhas.

I suppose there's always so much to say about my visits and talks with her, but I never really find myself wanting to share it, not sure if I want to retell the stories that are mine and that I've waited so long to hear. They're the only things I can ask for and have and keep.

I remember her saying to me, "They wouldn't let me see you being born. They took you and they handed you to my mother and then I didn't get to see you for three more days. They said you cried all the time, and you were crying the first and only time I got to see you. Then they put you in my arms and you just stopped. Your birthdays were always the hardest."


Suz said...

Ugh. A kick to the gut for me. Poor Mary. I know that feeling of being refused the natural right to see our children being born. In my daughters birth they moved the mirror away so I could not see. When I questioned, I was told it was better if I did not. Better? Better for whom? me? Them? Her? Fuckers. Stupid fuckers.

LeRoy Dissing said...

It is immoral to not allow a mother to watch her child being born or to hold that child right after birth - at least in my opinion.

Robin said...

i hope you come back.