14 January 2008

Change of Plans

So that job I hated? It's over now. And in its place? NOT ONE FUCKING THING.

"Oh no!" you might be saying. But really? I am ten times happier at this moment than I was a week ago today.

I am planning to remain unemployed for the rest of January (because my severance package says I can), do fuck all in February, and then spend a month in Nicaragua outlining my life and maybe occasionally sleeping with the groundskeeper on the property I'm visiting. I'm just classy like that. Then, when I come back, I either join up with some crazy successful marketing firm or I join the Marine Corps--I haven't decided yet. That's what the trip is for, see?

Theoretically, this means I'll have all the time in the world to blog, it's just that I'm not quite sure what that's going to entail yet. Though I did start therapy, so I'm sure that will comprise a lot of it.



Suz said...

um, do I say congrats or thats too bad? regardless, i hope you find something new you enjoy. and good luck with therapy. and nicaragua?

MAP said...

I just found your blog on the Adoptee Rights site and am wondering if you you're actually going to Nicaragua(?) I've actually got some Nicaraguan currency that I would *love* to donate to your post-employment vacation (it probably won't buy you a house, but it will probably get you a cup of coffee in the airport, at least).

I've got an adoption reform blog called, "I, Cartographer," and you can grab my e-mail address in my profile:

Let me know!
Michael Allen Potter

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Severance Package is a beautiful phrase. My company just did a mass purge. I kept hoping my serial number would be picked. I even lowered my productivity a bit just to make things easier for them. I daydreamed about having time to get caught up on house stuff and finally start EMDR and blog into the wee hours of the night and find a job that doesn't require a zillion overtime hours per week. But no such luck.

You're really going to Nicaragua?