17 December 2007


I finished this a few days ago, but for whatever reason, I couldn't get it to embed. I don't know if that was Safari or what. But here it is. I left (and am going to leave) out my commentary, but you can probably guess what parts kind of make me go O RLY.

In general though, I think this video pretty excellently presents my case that regardless of the adoption experience, regardless of the adoptee's attitude toward adoption, regardless of the adoptive parents' attitudes toward adoption, it is still quite possible to not like adoption, to not like being adopted. Clearly, my parents aren't assholes, but then, I never claimed them to be, and I never said that was why I don't like being adopted.


Enjoy, repost, bla bla bla...


Suz said...

I was cool until mom mentioned first mom. And I lost it. Seriously freaking lost it.

Thanks for sharing.

Still Born said...

sorry beeb.

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Andie D. said...

My aparents never in a million years would've sat still for questions about my adoption. The subject would've been CHANGED, something would've been needed to be DONE. No fucking way.


There's a plethora of reasons why they are so out of my life now.

P.S. I think abortion is more humane than relinquishment.

joy said...

I could have posted your comment Andie, except the part about aparents being out of my life